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Welcome to the Page. The name is James, and I Live a life you would never be able to live, or understand. I'm 18 years old, born August 24th. Spiritualistic and I understand even the most difficult Decisions. I live for Achieving goals, and making people happy. I love my friends, they're my world. I protect each and every one of them as if they were my family. Known by a lot of people, but I only consider 5 of those people My Friends. I barely trust anyone, And know what to say to someone. Lying is an Infection I'm glad to not have, And I don't sugarcoat my Cookies with excuses and nice things, I tell things as I see it. Senior in Highschool, with so many talents it's not even funny. I Love to dance, I've been dancing since I was 11. Graphic Design and Jam skating are my Side Talents, with the sport of Being in love with Volleyball. I've been doing G.D. And J.S. Since I was 12-14, Can you feel it? I know the right of wrongs in things, and I am Overanalytical in Situations. I know the truth for what it is, and know right from wrong. I know what I want in Life. I do have a GF. <3. I'm Gay, I'm Bisexual, And I'm straight; I'm just what ever you want me to be, baby. I'm a Fashion Icon in this world, and Strive not to be happy, but to have an Achievement on my belt. I can read Minds, and actions, so don't come to me with disrespect or bullshit, because All I gotta say is O'Lay.

I Post & reblog:
Hot Guys. Hot Females. Celebs. Music. Cars
My Edits. Songs. Lyrics. Funny Pics. Candids. Weed. Tattoos.
I Lovee:
Rihanna. Britney Spears. Ke$ha. Tribal & Religious Tattoos. Some Piercings.
Animations. Singing. Walking. Writing. Reblogging<3.
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